Non-profit selection process

At Global Grandmothers, we continually refine our short list of recommended high-quality non-profits focused on education, children’s health, and child protection.  Together, they cover all regions of the world including the US. We also include one “mega-charity” that can rapidly and effectively respond to emergencies anywhere.

To narrow the pool of potential recommended organizations, we review current publications by leading thinkers and organizations in the field of charitable giving (e.g., Peter Singer, Nicholas Kristof, the Skoll Foundation, Stanford Social Innovation Review). We look for non-profits that create sustainable change and we require evidence that their work yields results.

Here’s how we further research these organizations before we recommend them…

First, we filter recommended non-profits through all available Charity Watchdogs online…

•Our recommended non-profits all have 4 Star ratings from Charity Navigator ( when first reviewed. However, after careful consideration, GG may continue to list a non-profit when subsequent ratings fall below 4 stars as long as the charity’s accountability and transparency ratings continue at the highest level.

•Our recommended non-profits appear on at least one of the following  charity watchdog sites and receive positive ratings:

◦ Charity

◦ Guide Star –

◦ Wise , an arm of the Better Business Bureau

These organizations assess the quality of non-profit organizations based on their transparency to the public and their financial, fundraising, and administrative procedures.

•Our recommended charities also have been filtered through Great  – a social networking website where reviews are posted but no criteria for recommendation have been standardized.

•In addition, we consult – for the in-depth evaluations of a few charities.

Secondly, we interview representatives of potential non-profits and keep in touch with them regularly.…

We are looking for strong staff commitment to a clear vision, a budget that supports that vision, evidence that the activities of the non-profit are leading to the intended results, and how the work can become self-sustaining. Interviews give us important qualitative data that may not be evident from the Charity Watchdog sites. We reach out to all our recommended non-profits at least yearly for updates on their work. In some cases, board members have traveled to observe the work of our recommended non-profits in the field and we plan to do more site visits  in the future.

Finally, the Global Grandmothers Board of Directors reviews and votes on each recommended non-profit yearly….

Our goal is to ensure that all charities on our list continue to deserve our highest support and your confidence.

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