Information about Children in Need

Photo credit: Grandmother

NOTE: Websites below that solicit donations are marked with an asterisk.


This child/family centered website includes many resources, including The State of the World’s Children, last updated in 2019, which shows progress made toward achieving the goals set in 1989 in the Rights of the World’s Children.

The What We Do section provides further links to UNICEF’s projects on child protection, survival, indication, emergency and humanitarian action, and gender equality.

The World Bank

Founded in 1944 the stated goal is to reduce poverty through loans to developing countries. The World Bank provides open access data about development in countries around the world. The multifaceted website directs you to topics such as:

Children’s Defense Fund *

With a focus on children and poverty in the United States, the Children’s Defense Fund has a 35-year history of advocating for policies and programs, including:

The CDF Research Library is a treasure trove of data and in-depth analysis of these issues.

Our World in Data

While this site has data about almost everything one would want to know about the world, including children in poverty, its clear menus and excellent graphic displays make the data easily to access. (WARNING: This site may be addictive.)

Stop the Hunger

A website that keeps “real time” of statistics regarding population, obesity, food aid, deaths from hunger.  The sources for all statistics and data are also listed. (note: Links to Christian charities and churches.)