Global Grandmothers

Photo by Paola Gianturco

Welcome to Global Grandmothers!

Connecting you to non-profits that support children in need.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Global Grandmothers.  Our mission is to build a community that supports children in need worldwide. We make it easy to give by vetting and recommending child-centered non-profits; by providing resources  about children in need and charitable giving; and by supporting families in developing the next generation of global citizens. We invite you to learn more….

Recommended Non-Profits

Are you overwhelmed by donation requests or concerned about how your money is used?  We research non-profits and recommend a handful focused on education, children’s health, prevention of exploitation, and crisis aid.  Together, they span all regions of the world including the US. Our recommended non-profits are: Asylum Access, CAMFED, Child Aid, International Rescue Committee, Nepal Youth Foundation, Nurse-Family Partnership, OneSky, Partners in Health, Polaris, Room to Read, Save the Children.


Would you like to enhance your knowledge as a global citizen?  We invite you into our “library” to explore our resources.  Here you will find recommended books for adult readers, links to external sites to learn more about children in need, information about charity watchdog websites (that will help you screen the non-profits you already support), and much more.

For Kids

Do you want tools and resources to help the children in your life develop empathy? Do you want to see them become less materialistic and more supportive of others, even those they do not personally know? If so, check out For Kids. There you will find children’s books about generosity, empathy, multiculturalism and inclusion, perseverance and empowerment. Books are grouped by age. In addition you will find various activities to involve the children in your life in giving to children in need.

Five Important Things To Know About Global Grandmothers

  1. We advocate Linked Giving — Giving to a child in need when you give to someone you love. You don’t have to be a grandmother to be a Global Grandmother.
  2. We do not accept money or gifts from the non-profits or anyone who benefits from our selection process.
  3. Our director and board members are retirees who volunteer their time, keeping our expenses very low.  Find out who we are.
  4. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.