Spread the Word

Here are three ways you can help spread the message of Global Grandmothers and increase the support for children worldwide.

Tell Your Friends:

Take a minute to encourage your friends and family to become Global Grandmothers.  Add your voice to our community of caring adults, dedicated to improving the lives of children everywhere.

Share Online

Social networks are a great way to tell your friends about your commitment to supporting children worldwide. Each new Global Grandmother will enlarge the number of advocates for children. Click on the links below to share your commitment with others.

Send Emails

Below you will find a sample email we have used to share our vision and invite others to join our movement. Copy the text from the sample below. Then click the letter button below and enter in the emails from your address book. Paste the copied text in the message box (or feel free to write your own message). Click the share button to send.