Linked Giving

Connect love for your family with care for the global family through linked giving.

Our special way to support children worldwide is to give to a child-centered charity when you give to someone you love. It’s like self-matching but we call it “linked giving.”

  • Give your granddaughter a birthday present, donate for a child’s education in Nepal.
  • Give a Mother’s Day gift, contribute to an anti-trafficking hotline in the US.

By linking these gifts, you remind yourself to do what you always intend, but may not always remember – share with others less fortunate when you give to your own. You can spread your sharing spirit by making your loved ones aware of your linked gifts.

Some possible ways to link your gifts–

  • Linking each gift with a donation
  • Making a larger gift annually linked to an individual
  • Sponsoring a child jointly with a family member

Connecting personal gift-giving with giving to support children in need, is a meaningful way to fulfill your Global Grandmothers commitment .

Click on the links below to open and print these fun tools for giving.

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